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Hi everyone!

I’ve been receiving comments regarding acquiring or securing a Korean Visa. Feel free to comment your questions here then I will create a separate post to answer all your questions.

Please note that I am not affiliated to Korean Embassy in any way and my answer will be based ON MY EXPERIENCE ONLY. This will not assure you 100% visa approval. Thank you everyone.

안녕하세요! I’m still alive! HAHAHA~

It’s a shame I can’t even type in Korean any more OTL. Anyways, I suddenly felt opening this account again and many comments and questions welcomed me! Yey! Just an update though, I am no longer self-studying Korean BUT will probably be back on it again when I have the time. You know, I am now a housewife taking good care of my 14 month old son. He is now in the stage of being so active my only rest is when he’s asleep which is every night from 9pm to 8am but have in between feeding. Then he’s also alseep for 1 hour during morning after he took his bath and 1 to 2 hours sleep during the afternoon. It’s very tiring I tell you but so fulfilling.

Anyhoo, I saw Angeli’s Instagram feed (hi Angeli!) and got envy because she already passed TOPIK 4 I think ~ not really sure though. But yeah, I want to take TOPIK too. My friend who is so into KPOP and I were planning to take TOPIK 1 but I told her I need to prepare first. So if I’m diligent enough, I might start from scratch again 😦 My husband always tease me for not using my Korean book as it is just collecting dust. He said I just wasted our money and he might not buy me another Korean book because of that. HAHAHA!

And yeah, if you have more questions regarding getting a Korean Visa, feel free to leave a comment. I’m no expert but I can share my experience 🙂

And lastly, I got a comment from Mariz who she said was my neighbour in Roxas and was my classmate during elementary and high school, please contact me or message me here again. I’m sorry but I can’t remember you. I know someone who is Mariz but I am not sure if that Mariz I know is you! HAHAHA! I need to know your last name 🙂 hahaha!

서연과 마리아의: 필리핀 문화 체험기


Seohyun and Mary: Philippine Cultural Experience

Saw this book on one of the tables at the Embassy of Korea a while ago. I think there were 10 of this in there and no one bothers to get one or just take a look so I grabbed one! HAHAHA! I’m not sure if this is for free but I get one anyway because for me it seems for free. Hahahaha! Others looked like they want to get a copy too but just too shy. I didn’t care because all I think that time is that if ever I didn’t get my visa at least I have some remembrance from the embassy. HAHAHA! When I took a seat I saw someone holding the same book so I guess it’s free :))



The book I think is from Korean Cultural Center. Its pages has a glossy finish, really high quality! I can read and understand some simple conversation and I think this is a great book to have specially for self learners like me. HAHAHA!

That’s it. Just want to share it to you guys 🙂

Finally got my Korean Visa!!


I am so happy when I got our passports! When the consul is checking the names on the stub that I gave him I can already see the stickers so when I got our passports, I gave my future mom in law a wide smile and 2 thumbs up! 🙂

I am unemployed but got a visa! See?! It is really worth a try. I am so lucky and I think my baby is our lucky charm. I rubbed our application forms on my tummy before I submitted it to the consul. HAHA!

I woke up 8 in the morning and had a hard time going back to sleep because of nervousness. HAHA! We went there at 12:30pm and arrived quarter to one. I went to get a queue number again and since the releasing time is 2:00 we need to wait more because all windows were still close. Fifteen minutes before two and the consul started to call numbers. That’s when my nervousness hit a notch 🙂 I saw different looks one after the other. Others were gleaming with joy because of that little sticker others look so sad and some were confused on how to submit the additional requirements the consul is asking. Then the police officer called numbers 60 – 80 and I’m number 71. When it was already my turn, I gave the stub with our names then the consul started checking it. He checked it one by one if each have a visa then when it was my passport’s turn, I saw a small yellow post it note that has “Diploma” on it. I already knew that I need to submit that first but when the consul flipped the pages of my passport he saw that it has already a visa attached to it so he just removed the post it note and gave our passports to me. Waaaaah! I forgot to say thank you but thank you Sir!!! You’re so kind! 🙂

I’m so happy! Until now, I kept looking at my passport then will smile after. Because finally I can experience Korea and its culture and food and its awesomeness firsthand!! And I know that the consuls at Korea Embassy saw my heart! HAHAHA! See you soooooon Korea!!!

Korean tourist visa application

I will just state here the things I did and experience when I applied for our Korean Visa.

1. Go there as early as you can because when you enter the embassy it is already jam packed! No kidding 🙂 You need first to get a visitor ID from the police officers outside. I am with my fiance’s mom and we only get 1 guest ID for the both of us. You only need to give 1 personal ID also and just tell the office that you’re with someone.

2. When you enter the embassy, the very first thing you need to do is get a queue number. Fall in line and prepare your papers because the person that will going to give you the queue number will check your papers to identify which visa window you need to go to. In our case since we haven’t travel to any major countries (Japan, US, Korea, etc) we were given a queue number that has Visa1 on it. Meaning you need to go to windows 1 if ever your number is called.

3. When it is already our turn, we greeted the person in charge a good morning and we didn’t get a response lol! Anyway, I just hand him all our papers (passport without cover and requirements). He then checked the first passport and the papers included then immediately handed back our papers and said that we remove the unnecessary documents and submit the listed requirements only. Unnecessary documents are your plane ticket, itinerary, and everything that is not in the list. We were really nervous that time and don’t know what to do. ^_^ And remember that in order to talk to that person again/go to that window again you need to get another queue number. Yes you need to fall in line again BUT a guard there told us that we just need to go the front and tell the person giving the number that we need to go to that window again because we were advised to revise something. You’re lucky if he will notice you and give you a number right away. In our case he did.

I immediately removed all the unnecessary papers and hoping and praying that the consul will accept it already. Then we heard a girl talking to another person saying that the officer in charge in window 2 is much approachable and more understanding and kind when it comes to checking the papers of applicant so my Tita being so nervous immediately went back to the person giving a queue number and ask if she can have a number for windows 2. But to no avail because she has been identified and the person told her that she just got a number a while ago 🙂  So I tried my luck and went there and ask for a number on window 2 but the person acted liked he never saw me so I went back to my Tita and get our papers and went back to the person giving the number. I asked again and I think nakulitan na sya so he just gave me a number on Visa 2 🙂

4. Then here we are in windows 2 facing the officer in charge again. We greeted HER a good morning and we didn’t get a response again. 🙂 Anyway I submit our papers and she checked it one by one. She took out the unnecessary documents again and gave it back to me. Good thing is she did all the work removing those unnecessary docs and didn’t asked us to go back again. After checking she asked us the relationship of each applicant. Just tell her the truth and she then highlighted the name of the person you’re most connected. In my case my fiancé. 

5. After that she received our papers wholeheartedly 🙂 and asked us how many is the passport/applicants so we just said 6 then she gave us a piece of paper where she write the date on when we can get our passports.

6. Done. Surrender your guest iD and get your personal iD. Go home and pray 🙂

During our stay there, the guard kept on telling applicants that no work = no visa so I can’t stop being so nervous because you all know that I am unemployed. I just really tried my luck here. My fiance is my financer. It should be my father but getting the papers of my fiance is easier so yeah 🙂

If you are unemployed like me here are the requirements that I submitted:

1. Passport
2. Photocopy of the first page of my passport
3. Personal bank certificate
4. Photocopy of COE (Certificate of Employment) of my fiance.
5. Photocopy of Fiance’s ITR
6. Photocopy of Fiancé’s Bank certificate
7. Application form

I don’t know if they will accept it as I am just a fiance and not a wife but we told her that I am pregnant because I really am 🙂 I don’t know if she heard us or if it has any bearing at all but who knows right. Those requirements that I passed/mentioned will not guarantee your application to be approved.

Will update this post once I got my passport. Waaaaaah! Pray for me!! Paying the plane ticket is no joke and it will just go to waste if ever. I am still hoping that my application will be approved but at the same time I am not expecting or letting my hopes super high. I know where I stand and it would be a miracle if I get to see a visa on my passport on October 18. HAHA! Till next update! If you have a question don’t hesitate to leave a comment and will try my best to answer if I know the answer. Hahaha! 🙂




Lucky – Ashily (Boys Over Flowers)


Thanks to this song I realized that I still know how to read Korean 😀 I spend 2 sleepless nights finishing this Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. I regret not watching it earlier. Lee Min Ho is so handsome oh my gee! I cried, laugh and got kilig while watching this. In fact I want to watch it again. HAHA! I don’t know why but I am amazed on Goo JunPyo’s character. The way he said that he can’t let go Jandi make me so kilig as if I am Jandi. HAHA!

Anyway, this song is my favorite from all the songs played in this kdrama. I don’t know why but I really really like it a lot that’s why I searched for its title and lyrics. And while singing, I realized that I can still read Korean. I make mistakes when it comes to pronunciation like the difference of the sound of “o” and “u”. HAHAHA! But that’s okay. The words in Korean is simple and the tune is not that fast so it is easy for me to sing along. 😀 

Here’s the lyrics:

꽃보다 남자 OST 

난 힘이 들때면 Lucky in my life 
그대가 꿈처럼 다가오네요 
슬퍼 질때면 난 Lucky in my dream 
그대 따스하게 날 꼭 감싸주네요 
언제나 이렇게 웃어요 난 
세상이 힘들게 해도 
난 절대 눈물은 보이고 싶진 않죠 
내 맘을 모르는 그대라도 
멀리서라도 그대의 그 미소를 
간직할 수 있어 다행이죠 
울고 싶을땐 Lucky in my love 
상상속 그대가 멋져보여요 
울적해지면 난 Lucky in my world 
그대 꿈결처럼 날 꼭 안아주죠 
언제나 이렇게 웃어요 난 
세상이 힘들게 해도 
난 절대 눈물은 보이고 싶진 않죠 
내 맘을 모르는 그대라도 
멀리서라도 그대의 그 미소를 
간직할 수 있어 다행이죠 

모든게 아름다워 난 너무 행복한걸 
외로운 세상에 난 또 내 소원을 담아요 
언제나 이렇게 웃어요 난 
세상이 힘들게 해도 
난 절대 눈물은 보이고 싶진 않죠 
내 맘을 모르는 그대라도 
멀리서라도 그대의 그 미소를 
간직할 수 있어 다행이죠 
그대 한걸음만 다가와요


And here’s the mp3 song: